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Top 5 Most Potent Cannabis Strains

While cannabis is getting ahead in the medical market, recreational users and growers are nowhere lacking behind. Today we have more varieties of cannabis strains than we ever knew. Some of these high THC strains are beneficial for conditions like insomnia, severe pain, and REM disorder and can be obtained through your medical cannabis card. 

Let us have a look at the 5 strongest buds available in the market, 

Royal Gorilla

Royal Gorillas is a complete knockout strain and should be consumed if you are planning to stick to your bed for a few long hours. This one has light green buds with a THC content up to 25 percent.

Royal Gorilla is an incredibly euphoric strain and is now available outside America too. It is not recommended for novice users to use Royal Gorilla, though experienced users with high tolerance could experience a balanced high with citrus flavor. 

Green Gelato

Within California only, there are many weed cultivators who are competing to get the best cannabis. Through San Francisco, Green Gelato has emerged. It’s a great pick for cannabis users who have a sweet tooth.

Green Gelato has emerged from crossbreeding between Thin Mint Cookies and Sunset Sherbet, which are known for their sweet flavor and strong effects. Combining them has led to a more sugary tasting bud, with THC content almost 26 percent. Mix of these fruity tones and cookie flavor has made Green Gelato popular among avid cannabis users.

Hulk Berry

Hulk Berry holds cult status in Europe and Beyond. It is an impressive cannabis strain and is among the first hybrid stains that were cultivated in Colorado since it became the first state in the US to legalize cannabis for recreational use.

Hulk Berry came into limelight when it won the High Time Cannabis Cup in 2014, although it wasn’t a surprise for people who have consumed this bud before. With an impressive 28 percent THC content, Hulk Berry is unmistakable. 

Cookies Gelato

Do you know what happens when you combine the sweet sensation of girl scout cookies and Gelato?

We get a Cookies Gelato, which is new on the list, but don’t take it lightly. Besides its sweet flavor and aroma, it’s one of the most potent cannabis strains available, with almost 28 percent THC content.  

It is known to bring a euphoric rush upon consumption and its relaxing effects are equally impressive. In spite of its high THC content, it does not just knock you out but sets you in a zone. It’s true that this isn’t for you if you are a novice user but for experienced users with a higher tolerance, this is a treat.

Triple G

Tripple G is an Indica dominant strain that contains 26-28 percent THC content. It assures a relaxed and euphoric experience plus as a bonus, it will make your feet feel like two feet above the ground. It is popular among experienced recreational users but is also a great remedy for someone battling from insomnia. If you have chronic pain issues or are facing loss in appetite, Triple G could be a helping hand here.

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Published by Margaret L Haynes

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